Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Saw Sassy!!!

The first sighting...RV Park

At this point, I was freaking out about being in Sassy territory.

Oh hey there, Sassy. Who are you spying on?

Sassy is very helpful.

Sassy on the side of the the gas station...He is EVERYWHERE in this town!!!

There was no question that I was giving Sassy a huge hug that day...Hello!!! It's Sassy!!!!

Bigfoot museum, aka, where I lost it! I bought a little too much Sassy stuff.

Sassy lives!! While driving from Crater Lake, OR to the California coast on my roadtrip with my dad and brother Ben, we had a day that became known as "Sassy Day". Needless to say, it was one of the best days of my life. We were just minding our business driving along Highway 299, when I see a sign that reads "Bigfoot Campground." I almost peed my pants. I am so freaking excited at this point, that my dad asked me if we want to turn around and take a picture. Is that even a question?!?! Pull a u-turn! Done and done. Several miles more down the road we see a giant, I mean GIANT Sassy statue on the side of the road. We did not really even notice it until we passed it, so not pic there. Next we saw that "Bigfoot Burger" sign. At this point we were beginning to realize we were in Sassyville.

Then, what was about to happen was totally unexpected and glorious! We entered into Willow Creek. Sassy was EVERYWHERE. Helping the locals with their yard work and building projects, peeking through windows, hanging out at the gas station. You think I am joking? See the pictures! I HAD to give Sassy a hug. Come to find out later, that town is the Sassy capitol of the world. Not kidding. Then what do we find a few more miles down the road? A Sassy gift shop, obviously! It was amazing!! I wanted to buy everything in there. So I did. Ben and I now have mini Sassy statues and I have a t-shirt. I also found out that there is a man dressed up as Sassy that hangs out at the gift shop, unfortunately we did not get to see him, but the guy told me that the man who made that suit for them made the Chewbacca suit. Kick ass! This day was getting better and better by the minute!

We ended our seemingly perfect day by checking into our hotel in Fort Bragg on the CA coast and turned on Monster Quest. Of course, it was the one about Sassy. I could barely contain my excitement/surprise at how awesome this day had turned out! Best day of my life!!!! The next day, we got to go to the Bigfoot Museum in Felton, CA ... Awesome! Through all of this, my dad was awesome! He knows how obsessed I am with Sassy and just let me do what I had to do. I find it hilarious that my family is now all about Sassy. My dad even suggested I start a side business venture involving Sassy. The idea is GLORIOUS!! But, I am not going to tell you, for fear you will steal our idea...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You're from Alaska?

While in Minnesota, I have come to realize that being from Alaska can be real awesome and real annoying. A couple weeks ago, I was at the gas station and this is the conversation that transpired:

Her: "I like your necklace, but I need to see your id"
Me: : "Thanks! Ok, here you go"
Her: Upon examining my id: "GO BACK TO ALASKA!!"
Me: "Uhh..."
Her: "Why are you here?"
Me, in an effort to speed up this real awkward convo: "I moved here"
Her: "Huh, what's it like up there"
Me: "Gorgeous"
Her: "Yeah, I would like to go up there, but only for a couple days and come back HOME."
Me: "Ok, well, thanks, bye"

Strangely, she was extremely defensive of Minnesota and seemed to be upset that I even had the nerve to move here. My mind was blown! Really, I mean REALLY?!?! You are going to be upset at me? You don't even know what Alaska is like and why should you care. That was probably the most outrageous response I have received for my Alaska id.

It gets better... At the Twins game a few days later, I was ordering a Dome Dog and my cashier was a black man. He looked at my id and said: Alaska! (as per usual). He was staring for awhile so I said: "Top right corner" (for my dob) he said: "I see it, I am just in awe." At this point I was like, in awe with me? ooooh snap! Then he said to me: "There aren't any black people up there, are there?" me: "Yes!" him: "What like 4? me: "Um, no, not 4!" then he proceeded to tell 3 other cashiers, that there ARE black people in AK and they all need to go there. I was DYING!!!! best AK drivers license encounters yet! He was super sweet and hilarious!!!