Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is happening? Is this Winter?

Last year in New York we were pummeled with snow by 3 major back to back snow storms and this year it is January and not a flake on the ground. Although, we did have that random, unseasonably early October snow storm the scared everyone including the trees (which still had leaves on them so they were all broken all over the place... not good) and loss of power that led to me missing 2 days of work (I wasn't too disappointed). I guess I am just confused and mostly excited.

I love the snow. No, really, I do. I just don't like having to drudge through it everyday or shovel my car out or shovel at all, really. I mean, I get real tired of having the bottom of my pants tucked into boots or the "whoopsie, my pant legs fell out of my boots and now they are wet half way up my leg" anxiety. But, I would like to feel cozy. Snow is cozy. I am not sure why, but all I want to do is drink coffee, wine and hot cocoa all at the same time and sit in front of the fire place just thinking about how cozy I am in my jimmy jams and fuzzy slippers. Doesn't that sound delightful? Last week it was 60 degrees. Ok, I agree with you, that is ridiculous. But, I loved it and took full advantage of wearing a cute outfit that did not have to be hidden under my usual insanely adorable (but bulky) winter coat.

I would be alright with one more snowfall this "winter", but don't get ahead of yourself mother nature. I said ONE. A friend said to me last night, "you have New York skin now". I am pretty sure that is true seeing as I barely went outside when I was home in Alaska over Christmas and really wasn't jazzed about doing any outdoor activity. Alaska is in winter to the max right now and I am happy for those who love it, but I am happy I am not in the middle of it! Spring, is that you right around the corner?