Thursday, April 23, 2009

See Ya!

I will out of the blogging world for a couple weeks! I will just be drinking wine 24-7 in Italy, no big deal. I will have plenty to post about when I return!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soapdish, Ironman, same thing...

Robert Downey, Jr. is a hot mess! So naturally, I am in love with him. I have actually loved this guy since I was pretty young and think he might have been my first "Hollywood crush" (aside from NKOTB of course). Soapdish may be one of the most ridiculously awesome movies of all time. And RDJ is classic in it! That is when I knew I loved him! It just kept getting better (and worse) from there. A few run ins with the law, rehab (you know, the usual) and he was a real movie star. He has had a string of great films. To name a few of my favorites: Only You (freaking love this movie), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (crazy awesome movie, and pretty much exactly how I expect RDJ to be in real life), Iron Man (holy crap that movie is good), and Wonderboys. He is very talented, and unexpected. I love that he acts like he is on crack half the time (he probably was through most of his career). He is funny, classy, and straight crazy. I know many of you probably just think he is total crazytown, but I think that is what makes him a great actor. He really uses his weirdness to make incredible characters. He is the epitome of a hot mess.

He might be a little metrosexual and carry a manpurse, and occasionally wear his jimmy jams in public, but I still love the guy. I'm glad he has turned his life around and made a comeback to the sober world. I think I will always have a crush on RBJ, he is just way too adorable. Iron Man 2 has started filming. Get excited!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Countdown!!!

I leave Alaska one month from today and I leave for Italy one week from today!!! Holy crap! This is all happening so fast, I cannot believe it!! So much to do and not enough hours in the day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What the Beep, Bret Michaels?

David, Jason, Amy and I have gotten hooked on a little show called Rock of Love Bus. It is an outrageously ridiculous reality show following Bret Michaels (lead singer of Poison) on the road while trying to find love out of 23 filthy sluts. It is gloriously entertaining. I watched the first season, Rock of Love and realized it was totally ridiculous, and therefore I could not stop watching it. This season was no different. Nastier and dumber girls and Bret Micheals nasty hair extensions made a disgusting return. This show is a train wreck and a half, but we totally love it!

SPOILER ALERT: The finale of Rock of Love Bus was glorious. Amy, Jason and I watched it on Monday night. It was down to the final two: Frenemies Mindy and Taya. We were all rooting for Mindy. I was totally shocked when Bret picked Taya, the most ridiculous slut on the show. She has real stupid hair, outrageously over manicured eye brows, and is a crazy self-promoter. She was by far my least favorite. Mindy was obviously the better choice in this equation. Seriously Bret, what the beep were you thinking??!?! Bret Michaels is not the man I thought he was. Oh wait, yes he is. A dirty old rock star who wants a dirty slut to be his girlfriend. He does not deserve Mindy. She is too normal and adorable for him. Taya? Really? Bret, I want to pull out your hair extensions, they are obviously clouding your judgment.

Monday, April 13, 2009

All This Technology in the Palm of My Hand? Ooooh Lordy

I did it. I made the switch from ACS to AT&T and it is glorious. I had to switch due to my fastly approaching move to the lower 48. Because, if something goes wrong with my phone (which it most likely will) I want to have a place to talk to a live person and get my business taken care of! So obviously, I needed a national company. Let's make one thing clear. I am not a fan of anything national (aside from stores-- I would die if I could only shop at local stores. I need Nordstrom and Barnes & Noble). I like to keep my money in local banks and my phone service with local companies, etc. I am just a tad territorial. Although, as my friends and family can attest to, I consistently get screwed over by local companies. Seriously, my local bank sees me coming and say "oh great, what went wrong now". I am not joking. They are practically stealing my money without me noticing. So, I guess it is about time I move on.

I have never been a fan of AT&T. But, I really don't have any options if I want to keep my cell number. Um, duh! I am not getting rid of my 907! I have to say, the rates were waaaay better and I get the data package included for as much as I was paying at ACS without the data package (internet). Plus, I figured it would be beneficial for me to have the internet while on my month long road trip.

I always told myself that I did not need internet in the palm of my hand, that it was outrageous and that I would never get an iPhone. Well, I kind of succeeded in sticking to my guns. I bought the LG Vu and it is amazing! I freaking love this phone! It is a touch screen with the internet and everything else you could possibly want or need in a phone. I can watch tv on it. Yeah, I am definitely NOT going to be doing that. That is taking it a little too far. But, best of all I have no roaming charges (I always get brutal fees when I travel), free nights and weekends and roll over minutes (ACS cannot offer me any of this at a reasonable rate, or at all). I know that all of you with AT&T are saying: "Way to join the AT&T train way late." Oh, I am so on this train, you have no idea. I realize I have only been with them for a week, but it has been a great week!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Black Violin

This past Friday, I took my little brother Ben (who is actually like 6 inches taller than me-yes, he is real tall) to see Black Violin. I did not know too much about them, but I knew I was going to instantly be in love when I saw them live. Indeed I was. I have seen ALOT of amazing concerts in my day; Coldplay, John Mayer, Elton John, Jack Johnson, The Frames, Kings of Leon, and several others, but this was like nothing I had ever experienced. I played violin for 7 years and I am not saying I was phenomenal by any means, but I know how difficult and time consuming it is to learn to play any instrument well. Black Violin knows their stuff. They play as if their instruments are apart of their body. They were all over the stage, engaging the audience like nobody's business. It was as if the violin was their voice. I guess for them, it is. It was mesmerizing. As soon as they took the stage, no "hello, what's going on Alaska" (as would usually be the case), but an amazing sound that literally brought tears to my eyes and the biggest smile to my face. A violin, a viola, and a dj. That may sound a little dramatic, but if you have ever been fortunate to see these incredible artists live, you know exactly what I mean.

Black Violin was in Anchorage all of last week giving concerts for schools and master violin classes. They started playing at 9 and 14 and really have a great message and story to share with kids. They have toured with pretty much every major hip hop artist you can think of, but got their start from Alisha Keys. The group is made up of Kev Marcus (violin) and Wil B (viola, beat-box, voice, and several other instruments) playing while DJTK is dropping beats in the background. Seriously, this group is the story of my life and everything I love. I feel that this is the one music group that could ever encompass who I am. I don't need words, just give me a beat, throw in some strings and call it a day.

If you ever get the opportunity to see Black Violin, do not pass it up. When your 13 year old brother looks at you after the concert and says, "they make me want to play violin" you know they have really taken classical music to the next level, and are changing the way people feel about it. They are inspiring and absolutely phenomenal.