Monday, November 24, 2008

My Friend, Sassy

Just thought I would share a little known fact about me (keep in mind, I am not crazy). I love Sassy (aka Sasquatch aka Harry of Harry and the Hendersons aka Bigfoot). Whiggity What you say?? Yes, it is the craziest legend I have ever heard but I totally believe that Sassy is out there. One day, I am going to find him. Actually, probably not. That sounds real scary and I would probably pee my pants, then pass out, then Sassy would take me to his cave to join his Sassy family and I would be lost forever. By some miracle if I did escape, no one would believe me and it would be super embarrassing, and I really don't need that right now. But on the other hand, Sassy could become a great friend, how do I know if he is dangerous? Although, I'm pretty sure he speaks some crazy form of mountain man English with a little bit of chewbacca speak mixed in, so there that is. Sassy, it would really help me out if you just showed yourself in public once and a while, ok? I could use some back up here!! Until that day, I will just keep on believing in Sassy from a distance. Seriously, he rules. FYI, if you ever want to get me something spectacular, get me a sign like this one or a kick ass Sassy shirt. Better yet, bring me Sassy. Can you imagine? A-mazing!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Before I'm Old and Lazy

There are a few things I would really like to do within the next 5-10 years (most likely sooner). It's not that I think I will be married and have kids by that time, or ever, but I just want to do them before I make up too many more excuses not to.

NASCAR: I am strangely intrigued by the massive redneck crowds and ridiculous amounts of driving in a circle. I have never really watched it, but I think that the experience of watching it live would be unforgettable. I can picture myself getting really into the whole thing. There is no other way, I will have to totally immerse myself. Don't be surprised if I come out of there wearing a Nascar baby doll tee that is obviously too small (cause we all know that is so attractive) and a Nascar visor. Hmm, that should be interesting. I only make myself aware of the important things about Nascar: Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Kasey Kahne, and Carl Edwards. And from the looks of them, I think Nascar and I are going to become great friends. Hot damn! And just so we are clear, I expect to see nothing less than Carl Edwards flailing guns around at the winners podium. That would be the best day of my life. I would most likely marry him on the spot.

Kentucky Derby: I have been to Kentucky twice and it is definitely one of my least favorite places to visit. It was not my cup o' tea at all. Thank God I was with amazing friends both times, otherwise I would not have survived the alcohol free counties and ghost towns. I have never been to a horse race, but I think it would be a blast. To me, the Kentucky Derby screams old time elegance. It looks super classy and I get to wear a crazy ass hat. I love hats! I hear stupid celebrities like Jessica Simpson like to attend. If she is there, I will wrestle her to the ground for three reasons: 1. Wearing that stupid pink Tony Romo jersey, 2. Chicken of the Sea. Really? and 3. There is no way she is stealing my hat thunder! FYI, I want that hat on my head right now, it is sooo me!

NFL Game: I cannot believe that I have never been to an NFL game. With all the traveling I do, it is ridiculous that I have not squeezed one in. I think this will be first on my list to accomplish, and I think I can do it within the next year. The Packers are my number 1 team and I would LOVE to see them play. I would also like to see the Patriots and Steelers, (my #2 and #3 teams). I love me some football... Quarterbacks. Exhibit A, Aaron Rodgers. Packers quarterback and token bad ass. My hero. Thanks for letting him show us what he got, Brett!

Europe: I know everyone dreams of going to Europe, but I am going to do it! I was really hoping to take ridiculous pictures with the Buckingham Palace Guards and try to get them to crack a smile. I would even settle for the stink eye, but apparently they don't mess around. I will most likely get stabbed if I even wink at them. My wish is to be over there for about 3 weeks next summer, but I am not sure I can swing that. I want to see Greece, England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Italy among many other places. But, I would really love to go to Denmark. Ever since I did a school project on Denmark in 6th grade, I have wanted to go there really bad. I want to take it all in. I am pretty certain I will become obsessed with Europe and want to move there.

I think I have a really good chance of seeing all these within the next 2 years, that would be spectacular!! There are many more things I would like to see and do in the next 5-10 years, but I will space them out in my posts. Don't want to get too overloaded here. I know the list will keep building. I can't wait to have pictures of my own to post from these events, but it will be awhile!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sexiest Man Alive? Absolutely.

Today, People magazine unveiled it's annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. Who is the winner? Hugh Jackman. Now that is what I am talking about! (Take that Brad Pitt!) Not only is he hot, but I think that everyone can appreciate that he is a fantastic actor. I cannot wait to see Australia. Sorry to digress from the fabulousness that is my life (want to know a secret? it's not really that fabulous), but I must discuss what most of you know is my guilty pleasure, celebrity gossip. I totally eat that stuff up! I am not that gullible people, I know the majority of it is not true. Is it embarrassing? Of course, but ask me anything about a celebrity and I will probably have your answer. Is any of it useful information? No.

Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine has long been one of my faves. He is hot, no doubt about it. Even with blades coming out of his hands and those ridiculous chops, I love the man. Two movies that made me love him even more: Scoop and The Prestige. Scoop is hilarious! With ScarJo and Woody Allen in the mix, this movie was destined to be great. I love all three of them. He has great comedic and dramatic skills. Quite a charmer you are Hugh. The Prestige is phenomenal. I am not a fan of magic, at all, and was a little frightened by the idea of this movie. Several months back, Jason made me watch it and it blew my mind. The quote on the front of the dvd case read "You want to see it again the second it's over". I was so intrigued by this movie. And, it had my other faves Christian Bale and ScarJo, so it was extra awesome! I could not keep my eyes off of it and indeed, I wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over.

So, there is your little manjoyment for the day. I apologize to my guy friends out there for this post, but did you really think I could go this long without posting about celebrities, and hot ones to boot? I didn't think so.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Music on My Mind

I have been listening to some really great music lately and have to share!! I am obsessed with music, concerts, and anything involving them. Most of my travel involves a concert/show, and I would not have it any other way. Seeing a band live is like no other. It is such a happy, emotional, spectacular time. Especially when you are in love with the band! For me, it becomes quite the emotional experience and I get really nervous before each show, like I am the one performing or something. Really, I feel like I am going to vomit. I am usually speechless through the first couple songs, then I chill out and take it all in. Obviously, concerts take over my mind, but it is sooo awesome! Just writing about this is getting me all fired up!!

On to the music.

Bruce Springsteen, album - The Ghost of Tom Joad: phenomenal. This album is from 1995. I am a big Bruce fan, but this is like nothing I have ever heard from him. It is super mellow and really showcases that he is a very talented artist, he doesn't only sing Born to Run. I first heard it when I was babysitting for some neighbors, at least 5 years ago. Every time I went to their house I would put it on. I'm pretty sure the kids got really sick of hearing it. But, it was either that or steal it, and that was not going to to happen. I had a really hard time finding the album until I was in AZ last week and Noah and Jeremy took me to a record store. Yahtzee! I got it used for $7. Perfect all around. I think this album really deserves a listen and it might even change the way you feel about his music.

Little Joy, self titled first album: They make me smile! Look at them, a-dorable! I want to join their group!! With Fabrizio Moretti (aka the love of my life and the drummer for The Strokes) writing the majority of their tunes and the fantastic voices of Rodgrio Amarante (Los Hermanos) and Bikini Shapiro, I am completely drawn in. The soft voice of Bikini sounds effortless and warms your heart. Oh Fabrizzio, how I love you. He is a instrumental genius and is a great song writer. Rodrigo's strong sound gives the album what it needs and makes you feel like he is smiling the whole time he is singing. They all do their part instrumentally and don't mess around. You can tell they are doing this because they love it, and that is what it is all about! They have a touch of South American sound with happy beach sound mixed in. They finished their album living in a house together in CA and their name is after a cocktail lounge down the street. How awesome are they?? This group oozes with life and love and I am totally addicted. (FYI, Fabrizio is on the right)

Lykki Li, album - Youth Novels: Hailing from Sweden, this gal is blowing my mind. She is the definition of precious pop and is very talented. The album is not necessarily poppy, but it is different. She has her own style and I like that. One song in particular with her speaking and a trumpet playing, gets me every time, I could listen to that over and over all day long(FYI, I have a thing for the trumpet sound). Every song is enjoyable. She draws you in because she is not the norm, she has heart, she has desire, she is creative, she is unique and makes it sound so effortless. Something about her voice and her music is just mesmerizing. Honestly, I think we could be best friends if we met. I'm just saying.

Bon Iver, album- For Emma, Forever Ago: I am listening to their cd as I write this, it makes me sooooo happy and sad at the same time. I randomly found this album at Barnes and Noble months ago and have not stopped listening to it. I feel like no music has ever touched me as this cd has. I know that sounds extreme, but really, it is amazing, I almost do not know how to describe it. You can feel the emotion in every song. Justin Vernon went to the woods a distraught heart broken man and came out three months later with a phenomenal record that you can't stop listening to. I will take a break from this album every couple days. But, I always go back. With his flawless voice, Justin has created a genius album that is extremely cohesive and mellow, an album that only heartbreak could produce. I hope that I have the pleasure of seeing them live one day, in a really small intimate venue, that would be so perfect!

Let me know if you listen to any of these albums or artists. I am curious to see what other people think. My mind is obviously blown, but that does not mean much to anyone else. Happy listening!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Clooney and Nascar

When I was little, I was obsessed with playing "office", I think I may have even liked it more than "grocery store" (which I was a HUGE fan of). I had all the necessities: a phone, business cards, checks, invoices, etc. I would sit at my "desk" (which was one of those kid wooden tables with the cute little chairs) for hours and just go to town. I would be the boss (of course) and employee. Apparently this was a one man office. Now that I think about it, I don't think I played with many friends when I was little (like pre-10 years old), hmm. I had a few that I played with often, and that was about it. I do know I was really shy, maybe that was it. Family, you may need to fill me in on this, seriously, I have a very sporadic memory when it comes to my childhood. Like, Hillary, are you sure we grew up in the same house, all I remember is going to your thousands of sporting events when you were it high school, haha. Strangely, I seem to remember everything else in my life, really! It is kind of annoying how observant I am, it can be pretty embarrassing. Okay, that was a way off subject, back to the point.

My destiny: to work in an office. WHAT?!?!?! No teaching, being Dr. Ross (aka a doctor AND the wife of George Clooney from ER-- I would not have to change my name, and I would be married to George, YAHTZEE!!), or driving Nascar for life? Damn! I was banking on Nascar.

Ok, ok, I do like the office life. I love paperwork, it makes me feel accomplished. I can see what I have to get done, and watch my pile of papers dwindle. But, it is really overwhelming too. Like, do I really need 5, 6 inch stacks of paper on my desk at time, just waiting to be dealt with, probably not. I have got to do something to stop these paper storm troopers from invading my desk, I cannot take it anymore! Whoo, One task at a time, one task at a time...

When I feel like adding one more piece of paper to the multiple stacks will make it tumble, I use post-its. Who am I kidding, I don't need an excuse to use a post-it. I can doodle all damn day on those things, they are magical. I literally have at least 100 used all over my desk and up the sides of my desk at any given time. It is like a fruit salad up in here. Don't judge. When I am done with the one little thing written on that post-it, I just shred it, then there is space for another. Making room for my friends, that is all I am doing here, don't worry about it.

I have worked in the same office for 7 years now and I still enjoy it. I like the client interaction. I like the computer work, paperwork, meetings, court, seminars, meet and greets. I love it all. The clients depend on me, my boss depends on me, pretty much everyone depends on me. But who do I depend on? Who am I supposed to go to for all the answers? I seem to have them for everyone else. The legal world is a crazy one, no joke. But, it challenges me everyday and it is a constant learning experience. I imagine I will be working in this field for a very long time. So, I think I am going to need a truck load of post-its. I like all colors, not just yellow. Keep that in mind.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm Baaaack!!!

Well, obviously, I am back in Alaska. All I can say is: Really?

Alaska, do you have to snow right before I get off the plane so that my cute warm weather slip-ons get all wet? Or, make people behave like idiots around the airport, practically driving right up to the door for their traveler who cannot walk 10 extra feet to them, only to block my ass form getting to my ride? Come on! Alaska has no mercy.

Needless to say, Arizona blew my mind! I had so much fun and cannot wait to go back! Mexican food, beautiful weather and scenery, awesome people! Like I said in a previous post, my cousins rule, 'nuf said. I also finally got to meet my cousin Noah's fiance, Jeanine, who is pretty spectacular! (I plan on returning to AZ for their wedding in May). We took a trip to Flagstaff to visit my friends from AK, Ashley and Matt. Oh man, much fun was to be had in Flagstaff. Drinks aplenty. We also indulged in The Wine Loft where you can play board games while drinking wine, all the while looking really sophisticated. Um, can you look sophisticated while playing Life? Maybe Shoots and Ladders, but Life? The evening was fantastic and it was great to see Matt and Ashley!

Jeremy's birthday was on Monday. Him, Noah and I went to a really cool record store where I scored a $5 Bjork cd that I used to jam to all the time in the 90s, yes I said the 90s. If you don't know her, get on it!! She is kind of a kook, but I love her eclectic sound. With the rest of the crew in tow, we ventured to Tempe to a sweet Irish Pub our cousin Nate used to work at. Their mac and cheese was fab. Then it happened, one of the most horrible experiences of my life:The Clubhouse. Not only was it the worst venue on the planet, but the bands most definitely did not rule. We saw 2 bands, Local H and the absolute worst band of all time (I have no reason to store their name in my brain). The lead singer was wearing a cape for the first two songs, uh, yeah, I don't joke about capes. I was so embarrassed to even be listening to them. I'm pretty sure I vomited in my mouth a lil, they were that awful. And, they were hell bent on trying to talk politics/the election before every other song, I wanted to punch them all in the face. Um hi, the election is over, lock it up and sing, or don't. We ended the night on a music disaster that we laughed about the rest of my trip. Jeremy seemed to enjoy his big day, and we all had a really good time just hanging out. I was glad to be there to celebrate with him. It was such a chill, and amazingly fun trip and I loved every minute!

I was sad to leave, and even more sad to be back at work today (on 2 hours of sleep) were it looks like a bomb went off while I was gone. Ugh. Back to my Quarter Life Crisis...

Hey DJ Keep Playin That Song

The definition of a fantastic dj: ?uestlove. David and I went to the Buckaroo aka the Buck for Mara's going away shindig. PS, Mara, not so happy you are gone! We then headed to our favorite downtown eatery/lounge/heaven, Crush. If you are unfamiliar, it is a wine bar, and it is fantastic. I have been at least 5 times since they opened this summer and every time I go I am so happy to just be there. Amazing wine, food, service and atmosphere. If you want the best mac and cheese around, Crush has it. And their flights, oh man, the Pino Noir and Malbec are out of this world. Ok, obviously wine and I have a very good relationship.

Now on to the ?uestlove show, also known as the best dance party of all time. David and I got their a little after 10 and Amy met up with us. I also ran into my friend Jed, always fantastic to see him!! ?uestlove came on after an opening dj (who was also spectacular). Who knew a dj could open for a dj, not me. The next 3 and a half hours were dominated by crazy fun dancing. We were as close to the dj table as you could be, without being on top of it. He can spin beats like nobody's business, and good beats, old school beats. He did his thing and it blew my mind. The place went to a new level of crazytown. The crowd seemed pretty random, but totally my kind of gig. I was sad to miss The Roots show on Friday, but glad I got to see ?uestlove do what he do.

I had to be at the airport by at least 6:30 the next morning. I went to bed at 3, woke up at 4:30 for my flight. Needless to say, I slept sound as could be on my journey to Arizona! Seeing ?uestlove was worth the lack of sleep.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alaska, Warmth and You Do Not Mix

Alaska, you are too damn cold! For real, you should think about warming up about 15 degrees, people might like you more.

I have had it, so I am going to Arizona to visit my cousins Jeremy and Noah and see my friends Matt and Ashley from Alaska. It is Jeremy's birthday on Monday so there is tons o' fun to be had. Our family pretty much dominates at everything, birthday parties being one of them, so I expect nothing less than drinks and food aplenty and much hilarity to ensue. Needless to say, I am stoked for the whole weekend. My cousins rule, so... what else is there to say about that? They rule.

Honestly, I am wicked stoked just to chill in the sun wearing my flip flops while finishing my book Are you there Vodka, It's Me Chelsea (yes, it is a fantastically hilarious book) in the hot Arizona sun. I have really been moving slow as a turtle finishing that book, what is my deal? But, I am bringing some extras to read as well. I think I am going to start Choke or any of the other million books that I am obsessed with buying and let accumulate mounds of dust on my bookshelf. It is an addiction. Don't you worry. This is not going to be a reading marathon vacation, I'm bringing them along just in case, and to read at the airport. I have way better things to do than read when I am in AZ, duh!

On another note, any Roots fans? If not, you should check them out. I have been bumping their beats for a few years now, Amal got me hooked. (Becca and Amal, you know what jam I'm talking about!) They are a fantastic hip-hop group. The good kind of hip-hop. Not the kind that you awkwardly dance to in the club and pretend you don't know the song(secretly, you love that jam!), but the kind that you can actually belt out the lyrics to and admit that you actually like the song. Great beats, lyrics and a fantastic band to boot. Well, the point of that excited rant was to let you know they are rolling into A-town tomorrow, but obviously I will be in AZ. I was super bummed when I found out I would miss them. But wait, ?uestlove from the Roots is doing a DJ set at the Anchor tonight? Hell yeah he is and it is going to blow my mind! First of all, anyone with a ? in their name just rules, period.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will fill you in on my sunny AZ trip next week!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Going to Be an Uphill Battle

"Whatever our differences, we are fellow Americans. And please believe me when I say no association has ever meant more to me than that." John McCain, concession speech Nov. 4, 2008

The election is over and what an amazing race it has been. I am so grateful that I could be apart of this amazing process and such a history making election that I will probably never see again in my lifetime. We have been hearing it for so long, "Change" is what this country needs. I do not think change is the right word. I think this country needs to be restored to what we all know it can be, not necessarily changed. Change is not always good. Some things obviously do need to be fixed, and I respect my new President and hope that he can work together with all parties to restore our country. Put that "change" into action. Show us you can do it. No more empty promises, you made it and it is time to show us what you are made of.

I do not care how you voted and do not want to know. That is your right, and an amazing right it is, to vote and have the privacy of that vote. No one can take that away from you. I was so impressed to see how many people voted yesterday. I am a HUGE supporter of voting and I am so glad that the good old US of A was not lazy this time around and got out there and used their Right to Vote. I do not think there is a good reason not to vote. Everyone has a voice, and this is how it can be heard. Even if your candidate did not win last night, you did your part and that is all you can do. I felt such a sense of accomplishment, pride, and happiness after I voted. I don't think I really cared who won at that point, I did my part and it was up to the rest of America to do theirs.

So, we must move on and have faith and respect in our new President. That he can lead out country to greater things and have our best interests, as a country, at heart. This is not about being a Republican or Democrat, selfishness or popularity, it is about the United State of America and restoring it, protecting it and defending our freedom! We have to do our part and we all did it yesterday by voting. Of course, I am a little concerned about the coming years for our country (um, who isn't?), but there is no point in dwelling on it. Live your life, do the best you can, use your rights, and help this country grow!

"There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as President, and we know that government can't solve every problem." Obama, acceptance speech Nov. 4, 2008

History was made last night and that is amazing to be apart of! We are in such a scary and exciting time, and God only knows what will happen next, but all I can do is have a little faith in the people of this country and the people I love, that one day, it will all be okay.

As John McCain said in his humbling concession speech last night: "Americans never quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. We make history."

Here Goes Nothin'

Latte anyone? 16 oz. skinny, sugar free nutty-irishman for me, thanks. What the beep is that? My morning Latte. I am addicted to coffee. There, I said it. My life pretty much revolves around my next cup of coffee. I used to have a schedule of my coffee intake (I am a control freak, more on that later). My usual latte in the morning, drip coffee at lunch, and a sugar free carmel americano at night. In the last few months I have varied and now I usually just have my latte and drip after work. Drip coffee puts me to sleep, that is when I realized I had a problem. I know you are all thinking, "Oh man, is she seriously only going to talk about coffee on this blog?" No, no I am not. But, now you realize why this blog is called My Latte Life! I hope you all enjoy reading it. I want this to be a place for me to vent my frustrations and tell tales of my a-mazing life in Alaska. Feel free to leave comments, enjoy!