Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Call Me Susie Homemaker...

Well, I am finally doing it... Domesticating myself! I bought a crock-pot, I've been cooking alot, I have turned into a real homebody, I want to start to sew and re-learn knitting. I am pretty excited about all of these things and I'm feeling really motivated and encouraged:) My family basically thinks I am retarded in the domestic department, and I will admit I kind of am. I am not the best cook in the world, but I think that is only because I don't have that great of an imagination when it comes to cooking, and it is hard to get motivated to cook an involved meal for 1. I will tell you one thing, I am real good at cooking Mexican food:) haha. I am a nacho connoisseur and could eat them every day of my life. Does that count as cooking?!
I am not big on baking either, but I can make a mean Zucchini bread. Maybe I should get some tips from my sister Hillary who is a baking maniac and whip up something fantastic! Wow, when I talk about making all of these things, I get a little nervous! But, I am totally up for the challenge and to learn new things and hobbies! Who knows, maybe be I will totally dominate ?! One can dream, right?
I need all the encouragement I can get! Here's to becoming a domestic goddess!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let's Pretend for a Minute...

Disney Movies...Creepy or awesome? Well, most are creepy and downright scary, but there are a select few that are magical, such as Robin Hood (ultimate fave!), Fox and the Hound and Beauty and the Beast. Let's discuss the scary ones: Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia (ok, that movie is just a joke how scary it is). These are kids movies, right? Not so sure.

I got a text from my sister Hillary a few months ago "I couldn't get Cinderella, it's in the vault" My response: "Vault?! Like the creepy Disney vault?" That's the one! We were discussing what princessy things were were getting our niece Jane for her third birthday. Jane loves Disney princesses right now and, strangely, is not scared of Beauty and the Beast?!?! Back to the vault...I imagine it being the scariest place on Earth. This is NOT a theoretical vault, this bitch is real! Imagine all the movies they made but noone ever saw...As much as I love Disneyland and some Disney is creepster town. And I really do not think it appropriate to bring some movies out of the vault every 5 years and charge $26 for them. Not that I am in the habit of buying Disney movies, but that just seems ridic to spend that on a cartoon, or any movie, really. Oh well...

Disney Vault...I am not impressed and you scare me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Love You Beautiful Mother Dear...

My mom came to visit me in New York for 10 days the end of Jan./Beg. of Feb. I have not seen her since July and that was waaaay too long! She was only with me in Nyack for a total of 2.5 days, but thankfully, I was able to take some time off of work and go upstate with her for a 4 day weekend with my G-parents:) I enjoyed every minute of our time together and needless to say... I miss her more than I ever thought possible. Oh great, I just started to cry. When I dropped her off at JFK Airport to head back to AK, my heart broke and I sat in my car for 15 minutes literally balling my eyes out. I am surprised I stayed on the road on my way home, I was a basket case.

My mom drove me from my first out-of-state living adventure in Minneapolis to Nyack in September 2009 and she fell in love with Nyack and really liked NYC, which I think was a surprise to both of us. We were not able to spend alot of time in the city this trip, but next time she visits, I have big plans! But, we were still able to do alot and get some much needed mom-daughter time in:) We spent a day in Nyack shopping and walking around to all the boutiques, she met all of my co-workers at the lawfirm and at Nordstrom (and my East-Coast mom, Marion!!), went into the city to see our friend James and his showroom and of course, my mom could not leave without cleaning my apartment! I just adore her!

The most common phrase said when I introduced my mom to people, "You two look so much alike". I'll take it:) My mom is so wonderful. My mom really brings our family together, either with amazing meals, or beegaritas (yum-o!!) and just being an awesome, supportive, kicking ass and taking names Mom/Grandma. I am alot like her, we don't take alot of crap, so you better look out, haha! My mom has always been tough love and that is why I think my sisters and brother and I are so strong and the people we are today.
After my mom I said to myself, "what have I done? Why do I live so far away from my family?!" But I quickly got a grip and remembered that moving to NY was the best decision I ever made and without the support of my mom and the rest of my family, I would not be able to survive here. I LOVE my life in NY! I just wish I had unlimited air miles to go to AK about 5 times a year:( One can dream, right? My mom now says she wants to visit NY a couple times a year to see me and my grandparents and I am TOTALLY ok with that:) Thanks mom, for visiting me in NY and making my life so much better:)