Thursday, March 29, 2012

My First Love...Coffee

I feel like I could talk about coffee all day long. I know I could drink it all day. There is nothing more comforting to me that making a pot of coffee and drinking it all morning long, or taking my coffee to the park and watch the boats pass by on the Hudson. I am not normal until I have had my first cup in the morning. Coffee is glorious. Need I really say more?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Whoa, I am feeling overwhelmed with inspiration lately and loving it! I will admit that Pinterest has the majority of my attention in the inspiration department, but I am okay with that. So much to see, dream about creating and a lot of "I wish I had that or could have come up with that on my own"... Oh well, that is the idea of inspiration, right? Here is my continually growing list of inspirations:

  • Crafts. I have always thought of myself as crafty, but not CRAFTY. My sister Kim is crafty with a capital C for sure, she continually inspires me with her gift to create amazingness! I basically just want to dominate everything craft-like and make my own everything at this point: clothes, curtains, artwork. I realize this is a little ambitious as I do not even own or know how to use a sewing machine. But, I want to take a class in the very near future and see where that takes me!
  • Blog 2.0. My second and most furious inspiration right now is starting a second blog. I have thought about this a lot and think it will be great. I want it to be more geared towards fashion, home design/decor and posts about the awesome deals I find shopping for my wardrobe and home! I am pretty excited about it and just want to get started, but I am waiting for the perfect name to jump out at me. I already picked several names which I thought were unique and they were taken. Boo. I have been seriously slacking with this blog (this one right here, yeah this one) lately, but have been reading some older posts and remember how much fun I have writing on here! I will still have this blog, just keep them separate I guess, that is the plan. We'll see how it goes, but for now, let's take it up a notch!
  • The Gym. My third and constantly challenging inspiration is the gym. Since I have had pneumonia (and still recovering), it is has been really difficult for me to go back to the gym, physically. All I want to do is go back full force, but my lungs are not there yet, so yoga and pilates and walks for me for a while:) But, when I am there, I am so inspired at the gym, I feel like I can do anything! I do realize that alot of that inspiration can be mistaken for competition, but I am okay with that. If I have to compete with the girl next to me on the treadmill to get inspired, I'll do it! (And I will win that race, obviously)
  • Yellow. I am currently OBSESSED with yellow. Up until about a year ago I would shy away from yellow as I found it drowned me out when I wore it and was just obnoxious. Wow, I was mistaken. Now I want all the pale yellow I can get my hands on! Yellow makes me want to smile and be way more crafty using anything yellow:) I am slowly redecorating my kitchen in pale yellow and find it much less angry than the red I have flowing now and I love yellow on me now, who knew?
  • Color-blocking. Love everything about it! What is it you say? Example: bright blue pants, neon yellow top and bright pink shoes:) It inspires me to be super daring in my wardrobe! I love me some bright color, get it all out there!
Overall, life is just really inspiring right now and I am soaking it all in! Now, let me get off of here and go "pin":)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just another Random Thursday...

A few random thoughts for this beautiful 75 degree Spring day:)

1. I love blogging. I need to get a grip and post more often!
2. I love that today is supposed to hit at least 75 degrees! Yay for March heat waves!
3. I have only seen one 1/2 of a Glee episode, but I found it highly annoying and I am confused as to the following. Maybe it is one of those, "you have to watch from the beginning" shows.
4. I wish I could hold my newest little niece in Alaska right now:(
5. "Drive" is amazing, why is Ryan Gosling so precious?
6. I think I am going to start a second blog...
7. I am craving summer activities: camping, hiking, Yankee games, road trips, the beach.
8. I need a damn haircut!

Bring on Summer!!