Friday, February 27, 2009

Mambo Italiono!

I am going to Italy!! I am so excited!! Why am I going? Because I want to and I can. It is kind of awesome timing if you think about it. I am moving to MN on May 16, so this is in between transitions, therefore, perfect. My friend Kim (fellow Crewnit member who is now living in Portland) and I are flying over April 24 to meet up with David at the end of his European adventure. We are flying into Milan, traveling around for 10 days, and flying out of Rome. I am beyond excited!!! As long as I get to go to a coastal town (ideally, Cinque Terre), the amazing market in Florence (as per my sister, Kim), a vineyard, see all the statues and architecture I desire (David, Trevi Fountain, you know, the usual), and drink a boat load of wine, I am all good! And, I just bought a new camera and plan on taking about a million pictures, that I am sure will not do Italy justice.

Have you seen Only You? Marisa Tomie, Robert Downey, Jr. & Bonnie Hunt + Italy = Yahtzee! I am in LOVE with this movie and have watched it about a million times. I have always wanted to go to Positano because of this movie. It seems like the most spectacularly beautiful coastal town. But, pretty much everywhere in Italy seems beautiful, so wherever we go, it will be a win win.

Just in case you were wondering; Yes, I am fully prepared that upon my return to the US, I will most likely want to immediately fly back to Italy and live there. I am totally okay with that. I am just still in shock that we are actually going. It is going to be so amazingly gorgeous, I don't even think I can prepare myself for it all. Kim and Josh have been a good Italy source and I am going to continue to rack their brains for the best things to see and do and not do while we are over there. They went to Italy for 3 weeks, 2 years ago and have amazing pictures and stories. I can only hope that this trip to Italy will spark an international travel urge in me, that will change my life forever. Don't be surprised if I go to Europe like about times a year after this trip. I know I am jumping the gun a little, as I have not been to Italy yet, but I know myself. I will completely fall in love with it. Although, I might be sick of wine by the time I get back. Who am I kidding, that will never happen!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Little Gold Friend.

I usually am not too amped to watch the over 3 hours of speeches, but last night was probably the most entertaining and well put together Oscars I have ever seen! Yay Slumdog Millionaire!! I seriously love that movie, sooo much! It was by far one of my favorite films of 2008, if not my No. 1. If you have not seen it, you HAVE to! They dominated the little gold statues last night. Best Motion Picture and Danny Boyle for Director, among several other wins. I was also very excited that Penelope Cruz won Best Supporting Actress for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She was phenomenal in that film, and deserves all the credit she has received. My two biggest excitements of the evening? Hugh Jackman being the best Oscar host on the planet and my girl-crush, Kate Winslet, winning Best Actress. Are you kidding me? I was so excited for her. The Reader was a great film, unexpected, but great. She is so versatile, I just adore her so much. And Hugh, I am sure I do not need to tell you yet again how in love with him I am. His singing and dancing numbers last night were amazing. He had me at "Good evening and welcome to the Academy Awards" in his Australian accent.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Alaska and I are Parting Ways...For Now.

As many of you may already know, I am moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota in May. Yes, as in 3 months from now. I did not take this decision lightly and it was a very had decision to make. My amazing friend, Lacey and her hubbie and my cuz Peter live there, so that will be awesome! I also have some family and family friends about 2 hours away. I know this will be difficult, but I think I at least need to try and get out there and do what I want with my life, with my future. I want to experience living somewhere other than Alaska and want to know that I can make it. I am really stoked about the opportunities and adventure this will bring. My family and friends are completely supportive and that makes it so much easier to leave them all. This just means we are going to have to have vacations together and visit each other, alot!

I am driving out of here on May 16, taking my time, driving through Seattle, Spokane and Santa Cruz to visit friends on the way. I will be stopping in AZ (I realize this is a HUGE detour from MN, but whatever) for my cousin Noah's wedding on May 30 which should be spectacular and a mini family reunion. Then head up to my new home the first week of June. I love road trips, so I am really looking forward to that!

I just told my boss last week that I was moving. That was the hardest part. But, I did it and he was so supportive, I could hardly believe it. Seriously, it is still blowing my mind as to how well he took it. I have been with him for almost 8 years and he has taught my so much, so this is an emotional parting. I grew up at this law firm, it has been my life. I have been blessed. Sure, it has accounted for high-stress and nervous breakdowns, but it has provided me with a lifetime of knowledge and I will be eternally grateful.

I plan on taking the two weeks before I leave to say goodbye to friends/family, take my last few camping trips and do some Alaskan things that I have been wanting to do, but haven't. Of course I am nervous and sad to leave, but, I'm soooo excited!! I am ready for Minnesota, but can it handle me? Let's hope so!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, So That is Why he is Not Calling...

This past weekend Amy and I went to see the much anticipated, He's Just Not That Into You. I loved it, of course. I am sure you are catching on that there is not much that I don't love. I loved it so much I went to see it with my sisters again this week. I'm ridic, I know. I bought this book several years ago when it first came out and found it to be one of the funniest, most accurate, real books I had ever read. It is more of a compilation of emails/letters/questions and responses, a self-help book if you will, than an actual novel. Either way, it is glorious. I think every woman should read this book. It is unbelievably accurate and I found myself saying "Ah, Damn, that really means he is not into me?" quite often.

Girls can be the same way towards guys. Not call, lead you on, yada yada. So, I definitely do not think it is fair to put all of this on guys. Girls are emotional. Waaaay too emotional sometimes. We read into everything, we analyze most everything a guy says, and make up stories in our minds of how an entire relationship will turn out, never wanting to actually believe that he is just not that into us. Who wants to believe that crap anyway? It is true. Ladies, guys do not think like us, mmk!?! I have had my share of gut wrenching, never want to see a guy again experiences, who hasn't? But believe me, I know how easy it is to fall into the "Damn girl! He is sooo into me, you don't even know!" trap. Um, like everyday.

Go see this movie!! It is a chick flick and a half, but the cast is great and the movie is very enjoyable!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Can Breakdance?

Yesterday at lunch, I came home to Hillary playing "My Love" by JT and Lucy breakdancing on the kitchen floor. This is not a joke. That kid is ridiculous! Seriously, she was breakin it down like nobody's business, like she knew what she was doing. We have no idea were she learned to do it, but who cares, it is awesome! Then after work, I came home to them still blasting JT and dancing. But this time, there was breakdancing mixed in with incredible Robot moves from Eleni (5) and Lucy (7) (Nina and Jonas were joining in as well). Now that seriously came out of nowhere. How do they know how to do the Robot? I could not stop laughing and was pretty blown away at their talent. Lucy is a natural at this sort of thing, she is taking ballet and is real good at dancing. She has the sassy style and attitude (sorry Hillary, I know it is my fault!), she is basically my Mini Me. If I am uncertain about an outfit, I usually ask her. Yes, she is almost 7 and I ask her for fashion advise. Hillary has got her hands full with this one. These kids are ridiculously awesome to observe, that is for damn sure!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Dance Off, Ever!!

CB and Usher, super excited about their upcoming dance-off with JT

Everyone knows I love JT (Justin Timerblake). That kid can dance! But, I also love Usher and Chris Brown(CB), mainly for their dancing skills. While watching the Grammy's last night with Kim and Josh and raving about how incredible JT is, I discovered something. Possibly the single greatest event that could ever occur? Dance off between JT, CB, and Usher. I would lose my mind. If you have ever seen these boys dance, you know exactly what I am talking about. I have never seen such amazing dancing as JT when I saw him last year. But then I watch CB and Usher and I am continually blown away. This match up would be so glorious, I cannot even handle it! So, I am going to have my people talk to their people and set this all up, no biggie.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hi. Have We Met?

I have amazing green eyes, don't worry about it.

Apparently, I had forgotten all about my obsession with the actor Clive Owen. That is, until he recently re-surfaced promoting The International. I am not really drawn to this movie, but I am most definitely liking the press for it. Damn, he is classy! Welcome back my friend, welcome back! How could I possibly have forgotten about him? He is real good looking and pretty damn good at that little thing we like to call acting, so...naturally, he is the perfect man for me!

He is going to be in Duplicity with Julia Roberts this year, so I have even more press pics to look forward to. Booya! I loved him in Children of Men, which is a phenomenal film. If you have not seen it, do it! He was very good and surpassed any expectation I had of him as an actor. He was also really good in Closer, which is a pretty scandalous and crazy film. But, I was totally intrigued and really liked it. I completely fell for him in King Arthur. A hottie wearing armor, dominating the country side in his studly warrior ways? Perf! Kiera Knightly step aside, I got this one!

I am pretty sure if I ever get married, he must have the hottest British or Australian accent (hello, Hugh Jackman), or he is out. Just saying.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You Had Me at Watergate

I watched Frost/Nixon this weekend and was blown away. It is by far one of my favorite movies of 2008 (right up there with Slumdog Millionaire, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Man On Wire). There is one moment about 5 minutes into the movie where I could not look away from the screen and knew that I was going to be in love with the film. Indeed, I was in love. I knew the basics about Watergate, but not much more than that. I knew the scandal, I knew the controversy, but nothing really prepared me for these interviews. I was very intrigued and interested just to learn more about them and the scandal.

I was so captivated. The whole movie truth and admittance is sought from Nixon, and damn, did Frost get it or what! It was mesmerizing watching these two phenomenal actors perform. Frank Langella (Richard Nixon) and Michael Sheen (David Frost) were incredible. I instantly fell in love with Michael Sheen. I was rooting for him the whole time. A British TV show host interviewing the former President of the United States? That is crazytalk! No, it is genius. Frost knew what he needed, what the American people wanted to hear from Nixon and fought to get it. Even when I thought he was not prepared enough to interview Nixon, I still found myself fighting for him. I really got into these characters and almost cried at one point. Frank Langella was awesome. You hated him, thought he was a scum bag, but you also had this heartfelt sympathy for him. Spectacularly done. The supporting cast was so well chosen, it is not even funny. With Sam Rockwell (one of my all time faves), Kevin Bacon (who has aged quite well), Oliver Platt (Classically awesome), and Matthew Macfadyen (Yes, he is Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice, so of course I loved him) how could you go wrong? This film is downright gloriously done. Well done Ron Howard, well done.

I think that everyone should see this film. Scandal, betrayal, trust and faith. This film portrayed all of those beautifully and really opened my eyes to a political time before me, a time that I have always feared and questioned. Government is not for the weak, that is for damn sure. Frost/Nixon is a phenomenal film, I cannot say it enough.