Thursday, July 5, 2012

Isn't is Sunday?

Wow, that mid-week holiday was a doozie! Don't get me wrong, I will take any holiday when I can get it, but I was convinced all day Tuesday that it was Friday and all night last night that today was supposed to be Sunday. Yikes! That really does a number on you! But, the Fourth of July was super mellow and a little lonely, but that is fine. After running a few errands in the morning I laid in the hot hot humid sun for a couple hours and read my book. Let me clear something up. The main reason for my running errands was to be in the air conditioned grocery store and to drive with my AC on. No, I do not have air conditioning in my apartment and when it is humid, there is nothing that can help but AC, so I was a total bucket of sweat yesterday. Great visual, I know. over 90 degrees and almost 80% humidity. Awesome. I did a little laundry and watched 21 Jump Street (not worth the time, even with Channing Tatum...). My holiday was capped off by wonderful fireworks on the Hudson in Nyack. I really could have used a pool and a BBQ yesterday. I was really missing my family's annual July 4th hike through Archangel Valley in Alaska. Maybe next year:) I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!