Tuesday, August 2, 2011

iPhone, when did you take over my life?

I did it... I broke down and got the iPhone about a month ago, but I didn't even want to! My LG Vue was slowly breaking and I was due for an upgrade and the iPhone was the only logical choice here. I was thinking the iPhone 4, but did not want to spend the money and was really only considering it because of the "self pic" feature, as we all know I LOVE self pics! But, I stuck to the iPhone 3 something rather for $50 and I am golden! And of course immediately bought a leopard print cover:) I always told myself I would never get an iPhone because that was "too much going on in the palm of my hand". Well, I was right! Too many addictive things going on in this phone, that I am constantly checking my FB and the weather, checking out music, taking pics with instagram and hipstamatic, Living Social, writing this blog post, you name it!! This phone actually makes me want to spend MORE money with all the things I find playing around when I am bored. That is NOT a good thing!

I do not have Internet at my apartment, so this phone rules my world! Thank you iPhone for being a huge distraction in my life and also being really helpful:)