Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh, You Want to Rally MY Car? Ok.

Jon, Peter and I. My face is literally about to fall off.

I was all set for a lazy Monday evening after work, cleaning up the tornado that is my room from Christmas present domination. That is, until Peter called me to go rallying. "Jon and I are going to go rally my car, you want to come?" Me: "Um, you mean, you want to rally my car?" Peter: "Yes". So off we went. My car never gets rallied unless Peter is in town. He enjoys it waaaay too much that I can't not let him do it! This time was especially fun because the high school parking lot had not been plowed and there was a constant arc of snow over my car every turn we made. Super fun!! Jon had some freak outs in the back seat, I trust Peter.

Since we were doing so good in the parking lot, we decided to venture to Beach Lake Road. First of all, that road is kind of curvy. We approached the turn in for the parking lot we were going to dominate. Peter starts to turn into the lot and we go spinning, real real fast, directly backwards into a snowbank. The best part about it? As soon as we all knew that we came into the corner too fast, we said nothing to each other (That was the first time Jon was not freaking out in the back seat about hitting something). Then as soon as we hit, Peter grabs my arm and very quietly says "It's going to be okay" then jumps out and starts digging my car out. My car is not even a year old, so I was more concerned with damage to my car than anything else.

Jon, trying not to get his "JT" shoes all snowy, while "helping".

Let me just point something else out. I have a fear. When I am outside in the dark (much like Monday night) I get real freaked out that a moose is going to come up behind me, get up on his hind legs and go tap,tap,tap on my shoulder, then knock me out with his hoof. What?!? I know, I don't understand myself half the time. I wasn't thinking about a killer in the woods, or Sassy, I was thinking about a moose doing something completely ridiculous. Who am I right now, geez! So Monday night, I divulged these fears to Jon and Peter as we were sitting in my car in the snowbank. Needless to say, I am pretty sure they think I am a lunatic and they could not stop laughing at me. It didn't help that I was also really curious to know what moose say to eachother when they walk passed one another. So we were making up scenarios for that as well, of course talking in moose voices. I think the cold got to our heads. Hmm.

After standing around in -11 degree weather, my hands and feet were like popsicles and Peter and Jon were not making progress getting the car unstuck. Jon was not really helping, he just sat in the back seat complaining how cold it was while eating popcorn in his "JT" shoes, as he called them. So, I called Jason and asked him to bring his jeep and a tow rope and pull our ass out of this ditch! So, here comes Jason with snow pants, extra snow gear, tow rope and all ready to use his jeep for something productive and awesome. So, we finally got out, and all was good. Pretty fantastic all around. We got to rally and Jason got to use his jeep for the first tow. Saweet!!! Oh, and Happy New Year's Eve!! Live it Up!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ross Christmas/Star Wars Domination

The Storm Troopers decided it was a good idea to stop by, instead of Santa. Just joking kiddos, he was Santa's Little Helper!

So, like I have said in pretty much every post, my family rules at pretty much everything. So, of course we totally rule on December 25, aka Ross Christmas Domination.

My nieces are OBSESSED with Star Wars. I think I am the most obsessive person I know, but they mean business and take a close second. They have never seen the movies. No, not even one. But, they know everything you could possibly know about them. The characters, outfits, weapons, you name it. They have SW dictionaries, pillow cases, t-shirts, Storm Trooper helmets. They even asked me to look up the actors who play Anakin and Padme (aka Hayden Christianson and Natalie Portman) just for a visual, they seemed impressed. I'm not gonna lie here, I just used the SW dictionary sitting next to me to look up how to spell Anakin. Yep. Very handy, that book is.

So, it was no surprise when Hill and her fam arrived at my parents house Christmas afternoon, my 8 year old niece, Nina, was wearing a Storm Trooper helmet. Wait, is that what you call those, let me refer to the SW dictionary. Yes, I was correct, a helmet. It was pretty much the funniest think I have ever seen in my life. She walked around like it was always part of her outfit and we should not be surprised to see it. I just about died. Ah, great way to start off the Christmas festivities. Of course we all had to try it on and push all the voice buttons. Made for hilarity and great photo ops!

There she is, our little Storm Trooper!

Before the Storm Troopers arrived, we played a lil yahtzee, got started on our sugar highs, and talked to our grandparents in New York and kick ass cousin, Jeremy, in Arizona! Off to stockings! Stockings have always been our family's favorite part of the Christmas present opening. Seriously, they rule!!! Full socks (everyone is always so stoked to get socks, I love it!) and other fun gifts, they are enough to make me get real excited, real fast! After we all tore through those, it was on to the presents. We all got our dad a pair of snowshoes, since pretty much every pair he had never got returned from borrowing, or we just can't find them (he had like 5 brand new pairs, get a grip people, return what you take, yo!). He was pretty stoked. It is always super fun to watch the kids open their gifts. They are sooo amped to tear through them and get to the next one. At one point, Nina ran across the room and gave me the biggest bear hug of her life because she had just opened my gift, a Star Wars Jedi pillowcase. I thought she was going to hyperventilate she was so amped. Imagine what she will do when she sees the movies!

Family Photo - I realize that Sadie the dog is facing backwards, no need to point that out, mmk?Also, notice all the ladies wearing matching scarves Hill made us, and we got the couch, booya!

In true Ross fashion, we are a little late in taking our Christmas photo (we had been pretty good about getting it done on Thanksgiving in recent years). Much to my disappointment, there are no guns, tractors, or 80s skiwear involved. Can't win 'em all. Sadie is not so photogenic. Try not to get blinded by her reflective Christmas collar. Becca and Amal are our honorary siblings. They are pretty much apart of our family. They didn't get to go home this year, so they celebrated with us, of course, which was great, as usual!

We can't get away from it!

Whenever we are all up at the lake, our parents house is full of people, all the time. Whether it is just our family, or the clusterjam of everyone else we know who lives in the neighborhood. Really. Friday was a shitshow. My friend Steph and her boys came over, Natalie and Bekah, Peter, Kosta, tons of people coming to skate on the lake, it was crazytown, but awesome! We had a massive panini cook off and Steph and I dominated a puzzle for 3 hours, with the help of wine and hot buttered rum, it was glorious. All the fam was gone by Saturday morning and it was just me, my bro Ben, and my parents, in our pjs, all day. I'm not joking. We watched Doc Hollywood, Big Break (golf show) and lounged around. It was the best day, ever.

This years Ross Christmas/Star Wars Domination was so spectacular! I am so thankful to have such a fabulous family that is so close and loves each other like nobody's business. Seriously, thanks family and friends for such a fantastic Christmas and all the fabulous gifts!!! I hope you all had a great holiday as well!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas...

Well, it is almost here!!! Just hear those sleigh bells jingling ring ting tingling too... (do they really sing tingling?) I am finally beginning to get excited about Christmas, thank God, seeing as how it is tomorrow. I guess as I get older I don't get into it as much. I just feel like all I am doing is spending oodles of money. 'Tis the season!

I am heading out to my parents house for the long 4 day weekend of Ross Christmas Domination. I am pretty stoked for that. You can bet your ass that I plan on eating, drinking, and board gaming it up ALOT this weekend. I will share pics next week!

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas with your friends and families!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Step By Step, Ooh Baby...

BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Boy! The 90s rocked it, soooo hard! I love early 90s music. With Milly Vanilli, Boyz II Men, Vanilla Ice, En Vogue, John Secada, New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul, and PM Dawn leading the pack, how could you possibly not agree?

John Secada was the man. Is it wrong that I still love him? Maybe, but do I care? No. I stumbled upon his cd when I moved a couple years ago. I FREAKED out. You bet I popped that bitch in my cd player and sang along at the top of my lungs. God, seriously. L.o.v.e him!

Paula Abdul, where do I begin? She was the ultimate dance/singing queen. I wanted to be her soooo bad. We would push all the furniture to one side of the living room and make up full routines to all of our favorite Paula hits. We were very good at choreography. I am pretty sure she wanted us to be her back up dancers, until she realized how much better than her we were at dancing, she was a diva. Many of my memories are of Paula Abdul dance routines. Oh, flashback, remember that video with the Cheetos Cheetah look alike, hahaha. Love her!

Boyz II Men ruuuuuule. They will always be fantastic. I had the pleasure of seeing them about 4 years ago when they were in Anchorage. I went to the after party and totally danced right next to them, so basically with them. It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I was back in time. They looked exactly the same as when I was 10 and acted a fool with the ladies. Hmm, d-bags.

Oh no, here we go, on to the best of the best of 90s music. New Kids on the Block. I think I peed myself, and maybe shed a few tears, when I heard they re-joined and were going on tour. I am really really regretting not seeing them! Damn! I had gotten over it and now I am all upset again. Ugh. They were the ultimate boy band (although, BSB pretty much rules). Putting out a Christmas album? Honestly, genius move boys! Did they really think that just because they are older, I would not fall in love with them all over again? Let's be real here, they are NKOTB, I will always love them. Plus they are hotter now.

PM Dawn is straight fantastic. If you have not heard them, it is not too late. They are sooo awesome!! En Vogue took music to a whole new level for me. I always kind of felt like a rebel listening to them. I am pretty sure my sisters and I jammed to them, constantly. Hold up, wait a minute, I think my sisters and I could have formed a girl dance group, we had that shit down! Girls, pack up the kids, we are goin on tour. Look out America, we are bringin our living room floor to a stage near you, bitches!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That Tire Won't Pump Itself

My family is always giving me crap about how I don't really know how to do much. I don't really bake or cook (I can, but never really got into it), I don't know how to change a tire, check my oil, or drive a stick shift. My sisters say I always got away with not doing too much physical labor, or anything else. Haha, sorry guys, I was the baby!

Last week, I went out to my car to go to work. My tire was flat. Alright, no biggie, I will just see if I can make it to Tesoro and pump it up, then take it to get fixed at Johnson's. Stupid idea. Seriously, "hello, you will ruin your rim, bitch!" This is what I was telling myself when I got about 100 feet down the road and it was not going so well. So, I went back to my house and had to wake Hill up to tell me where Dan (my bro in-law) keeps his compressor. (Sidenote: My tire had a slow leak for a couple weeks at this point, and this had happened before, but Dan was there to blow up my tire and all was good.) So, the little one wasn't working, so we tried the medium, no change, at this point about 1.5 hours had passed, so we tried the big kahuna. Nothing. Nada. My tire was flat as a pancake. Yes, Dan has 3 compressors, different sizes no less. Hill had to go be a mom and I was starting to have a breakdown. I was already almost 2 hours late for work and now was going to have to pay over $100 to have someone come fix my tire. It was at this moment that I was soooo mad. Not at my tire, or myself for not getting it fixed earlier, nooo. In typical Hannah fashion, I was mad at my dad for living 30 miles away and not being there all the time when I needed him, especially when I was in crisis mode! I do realize I could have saved alot of time and money by changing my own tire. Right. Hell if I know how! I was never shown how and if you know me, you know that it would have been way worse for me to try to change the tire, then just pay the damn money to get it fixed. I get frustrated real easy. So, while I was waiting for the mobile tire fixer guy to come, I proceeded to cry into my wee pilla and have a major breakdown. Ugh, I have got to get a grip!

Needless to say, I have got alot of learning to do. I am pretty sure I have to call my dad every time I feel the need to check my oil. "Okay, remind me how to do this again." I am sure he is like, Hannah you are 25 years old and my daughter. And I am a bear that climbs mountains for a living, how do you not know how to do this. But, my dad is very gracious with me.

Believe it or not, I consider myself to be pretty independent. So, I guess I should learn how to do some of this stuff. Or, I could just have someone on call, besides my dad, who can take care of the "manly tasks" for me. Yeah right, not if they knew who they were dealing with. Am I right?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Brought Sexy Back? This Guy!

Are you kidding me with this picture?

Oh snap! I have waited too long to post about JT, so here we go. JT (Justin Timberlake) is fanfrikintastic! You have no idea how incredible this kid is until you see him in concert. Done and done. Oh yeah, you read that right. Amy and I saw JT during his SexyBack Tour 2007 in Tacoma. It Blew.My.Mind. For real, how can one person be so fantastic? He is funny, hot, can dance like a mofo and has bumpin tunes. He is real talented. I'm not talkin corn row wearing, N'sync dancin', Britney's boyfriend days, I'm talkin' like Cry Me a River, "Beep in a Box", Jessica Biel, and Sexy Back days! Cry Me A River and What Goes Around Comes Around (have you seen that video? H.O.T.) are only two of the greatest songs of all time, as well as every song on his FutureSex/LoveSounds album. Also, he has his own clothing line (William Rast) and I am pretty sure he is a Packers fan, yahtzee! I feel like I cannot stop talking about him. He brought it back no doubt! (Although, I was never really clear on where it went in the first place.) He is pretty much the male Victoria Beckham. And we all know how I love my Vicky B. My perfect dinner date would be with the two of them. I like to think that they are best friends and sit around commenting on how hot the other one is, while wearing their own designer jeans, and giggling like school girls. I can totally see that playing out in my head right now. Precious.

Have you seen him on SNL, or any interview? That boy is hi-larious!!! He is so quick witted and clever, like when he hosted the Espys, hellooooo Mr. Funnyman. That boy seems to be pretty athletic too, he loves him some golf!I feel like his good qualities never seem to stop! If I told you that a singer/songwriter could sing, dance, be funny, and act, you would be like, um... did you see Britney Spears in Crossroads (yes, I own it, that is another story), singers cannot act worth crap. Wrong. Mr. JT can act like nobody's business. Black Snake Moan- he was fantastic. Alpha Dog - I was sooooo impressed with him, seriously, he was phenomenal. So, I guess JT is not a member of the signers who can't act club. Although, I have not seen the Love Guru, and I am scared to, it looks really bad and I would like to keep my good impression of JT, thanks. Whoopsie, almost forgot about Mickey Mouse Club. He was young, I'll let that one slide.

I know many of you are like, why the beep is she listening to Justin Timberlake, she is 25 and he is totally ridiculous, 13 year olds cry over him. Well, why don't you take a listen to FutreSex/LoveSounds, maybe even have a little jam session to it while getting ready to go clubbing (Amy), then you will understand why he is so magnificent. Until then, lock it up!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Luck Having Kids

Sassy faces courtesy of Aunt Hannah. I do what I can.
(Eleni, Nina and Lucy)

The other day, my 8 year old niece slipped me a piece of paper. On it read (exactly how she wrote it):

"I dont think youl marry. Good luck on having kids."

My nieces are pretty in tune to what is going on with me. Well, for a 8, 6 and 4 year old. They tell me they want more cousins and another uncle, but I don't give in. They always ask why I don't have a boyfriend, just alot of good guy friends. I tell them the truth. No time, boys are stupid, they ruined my life, but they are cute. This stuff can get confusing when explaining it to kids, ugh.

I think Hill will agree that I pass on a little too much sass. I talk to them as if we were all in high school sitting on the bleachers at a football game, with valley accents, and using ridiculous language like holla, bizzounce, and making up awesome secret handshakes. That is why they love me. Hill is constantly laughing and rolling her eyes at me when I talk to them. Wonder where they get their sass? Right here.

But, if Hillary and Kim's children are any indication of how adorable my kids would be, why wouldn't I have kids, right? Wrong. I don't think the idea of having the cutest Baby Gap models on the planet (you know I would) is reason enough to have children. Or is it? hmm.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

"I want to clamp Michael's face in a George Foreman Grill."

Jim Halpert, where do I begin? He is adorable in every sense of the word and I would marry him as soon as he said hello to me. He is funny as hell and too cute to handle. Look at that face! That smile and the "Jim look" get me everytime, you know what I am talking about. His real name is John Krasinski and he plays Jim Halpert on one of the funniest shows ever, The Office (I am sure you all watch it and love it as much as I do). I would much rather call him Jim, because that means that him and Pam are really together, and I like it that way. Bonus, he is friends with one of my favorite actors of all time, Jason Bateman.

How cute are Jim and Pam? Way too cute to participate! Amy and I ooh and ah every time we watch the show. We are pathetic, I think David and Jason get a little disgusted with us. Pam is the only person I would approve of him being with, aside from me or Amy of course. They are the cutest couple, on the planet!

I just watched a video of singer Aimee Mann singing "Winter Wonderland" at her Christmas concert and who pops up on stage next to her and starts singing? Jim, sporting the cutest plaid shirt no less (I am a huge sucker for plaid shirts, can you say lumberjack?). He was just singing his little heart out. Soooo cute right now, I just want to hug him. Ah Jim. I really do believe that he acts like Jim in real life, witty, adorable, super sarcastic. They are the same person, they just have to be.

I bought Amy and I these "I heart Jim" coffee mugs that rule! I did not know what to do with myself when I saw the mug, I was so stoked, and I am pretty sure Amy felt the same way. They are extra awesome. I do realize that me telling you about our mugs is super ridiculous and might be alot for some of you to handle, but get over it! John/Jim/whatever I feel like calling you, you have an open invitation to join our Crewnit anytime you want. You would fit in perfectly, just saying. Oh, and to make myself clear, I would be Jim's receptionist any day of week. Amy, we can share a desk.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Tell a little story Mr. Bones, a funny little story Mr. Bones.
(I'm obsessed with White Christmas, duh!)

The Salvation Army bells are ringing, the Christmas songs are bombarding our radio stations, and angels are earning their wings (I HATE It's a Wonderful Life, fyi!). I love Christmas time. But to me, there is a window of Christmas cheer. You should not be allowed to buy Christmas presents until at least Black Friday and I really don't like putting up Christmas decorations until about 2 weeks before Christmas. If you do it too early, I feel like it really takes away from the whole spirit of Christmas, the whole whirlwind of it all. We just took down fall decorations for craps sake! I bought a couple gifts already this year and have bought alot of new decorations that I am excited to put up. The issue is a tree. I really want a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, pink, blue, or some other random color. How fun would that be? I don't have a lot of living space to put one, so I really need to think this tree business over.

I love Christmas music! My favorite is Harry Connick, Jr.'s first Christmas album. Helloooo Harry! I love him, obvs. Have you heard his voice? Or seen his face? How can you not love that guy. He is the epitome of precious. I could listen to that album all year round, for real. It really gets me in the spirit! I am pretty sure that we listen to it like a million times around Christmas at my mom's house. I need to get that cd in my player, right now!

Another thing my family rules at, watching and loving Christmas movies. Our faves are White Christmas (I am obsessed with it), National Lampoons Christmas, and A Christmas Story (that leg lamp gets me every time!) I cannot handle how awesome White Christmas is. It is probably in my top 10 if not top 5 favorite movies of all time. Bing, Danny, Rosemary? What more could you ask for. Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters... You know you know what I am singing right now.

I love Christmas time. I really need to get my on the ball with my present shopping though. I am so stoked for Christmas at the lake this year, it is going to be a blast! You can bet we will be playing Taboo again, just saying, we love that game! This whole season is such a whirlwind. Before you know it, it's 2009 and what do you have to show for it. Yeah, think about that!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

80s Skiwear? You Betcha!

So here I am sipping a mondo ass glass o' wine with my sister after getting home from work at 11:45p (I can't stop myself, you should see the mountains of paperwork on my desk!!) and realized that we are totally ridiculous. Seriously, some of the things that come out of our mouths are straight retarded. We just spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out the best family Christmas photo to take this year. We are trying to take it this weekend and really don't want to take it on the lake this year, again. Don't get me wrong, we love the lake, but it really washes our skin tone out, real bad, and we have done it for the past 2 or 3 years. We ran through the whole gamut of choices. Here are some examples: all dress up as our favorite superheroes, Star Wars characters (I loved that idea), awesome 80s ski outfits (also loved this one, I LOVE the 80s), climb a mountain and take a scenery shot (yeah right, that is outrageous, seeing as how it is -50 degrees outside), sitting in front of a fireplace (not exciting enough), Musk Ox Farm, Reindeer Farm with someone dressed up as Santa (that is totally not our family, at all, but would be hi-larious!) yada yada. You get what I am throwing at you. Finally, we came up with the best idea! Action shots in a collage picture format!! I don't want to give it away, but guns, tractors and skiis are involved. I really hope this photo comes together, because it is going to be epic!!! I think I might have to sneak in some 80s wear for my photo block, I have to represent!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Boy in Green and Yellow

Seriously Brett, get off my field.

Today my boy, Aaron Rodgers, turns 25. Booya!! I guess he is younger than me, crazytown!! He sure looks older, whatevs. (PS. In case you did not realize, I am a real big Packers fan, and Rodgers is their QB, the one on the left--you better have known that!)

The Pack may not be having their best season, but Rodgers really stepped up to the plate with "Mr. Football" (Brett Favre, the love of my life) being ridiculously wishy washy. I was really amped this season to see him do what he do as quarterback, he has been in Favre's shadow long enough. It can't be easy filling those shoes. He can chuck that ball like nobody's business (but, I think you should try and take the interception passes down a notch, pal) But, he is doing his job, and he is carrying the team well. The team does need to step it up a notch, but I already told them that, and they agreed. He is impressing me all around and a total bad ass. Bonus, I find him pretty attractive. Happy Birthday! (I am doing a beat-box rap version of Happy Birthday at my desk for him right now. I know he can hear me!)


Monday, December 1, 2008

Spice Up Your Life

I am fabulous, yes I am.

I am just going to say it. I love Victoria Beckham. The robot?!?! Yes. Posh Spice, Robot, Vicky B. same thing. She is fabulous. The reason why I think she is fabulous is because she is hilarious, is a former Spice Girl, looks hot all the time, her husband is the epitome of London hottness, and her kids are the cutest munchkins on the planet (next to your kids Kim and Hill, of course). I mean really, her 3 year old brake dances, come on, you cannot deny that is hilariously adorable, am I right? Every interview I have ever seen her do I laugh my butt off! She is real witty. I am pretty sure there is a good chance we are going to become best friends. I feel like I have alot of potential besties out there in celebland, I need to get on it! Her only downside, she is friends with Tomkat. They are real stupid, she is not, she needs to stay away from them.

The Spice Girls are only the best 90s girl/dance band of all time. Okay, not all time, but they were real addicting. I could not stop listening to them and I am pretty sure I watched Spice World more than once, and liked it! Also, her clothing line, dVb is hot. I know this because Amy has a pair of her jeans with pink crowns on the back pockets and they rule. And, she is so stylish herself, how can her clothing line not be? She would not let it be awful.

Being married to David Beckham has got to be difficult. She must hate staring at him all day. they have adorable kids that he spends most his time with, he is super hot, is married to Vicky B., and I think he must be pretty good at soccer. I don't follow that sport, but have noticed that Becks likes to take his shirt off at games alot, maybe that is why LA signed him. Hmmmm. Although, I am not a fan of his voice, have you heard that thing? I am so confused every time I hear it. Is that squeaky weird animal sounding voice coming out of that hot face?

Hi, we are the cutest family on the planet, nice to meet you.

She is super adorable, stylish and fantastic, I just don't know how she can look so damn good all the time! Man, I love this girl. Also, I think that she does smile alot, I really do. She is no damn robot! And remember, Spice up your life, every boy and every girl, spice up your life. (I know you can hear the song in your head, don't deny it!)

Turkey Day aka Board Game Domination!!!

I love Thanksgiving! I'm pretty sure I like it more than Christmas. My whole family spends the weekend at our parents house on Reed Lake near Hatchers Pass, pretty much the most spectacular place on earth. Our family rules at Thanksgiving. We can eat and drink just like everyone else. But most of all, we can play board games better than any family I know. Our family and my uncle's family used to spend Thanksgiving together and play games for hours after dinner, aka Ross/Lourie Board Game Domination. They moved to the east coast a few years back and it has not been the same since. If you saw us in action, you would be floored. Lis and I were major telepathic, seriously. We pretty much rule at everything we do together, but games take the cake.

This year, the Johnson's (Bruce, Monica, Eric and Jason) joined us for dessert and Taboo after skating on the lake. They have a cabin right next to my parents house- fun!! We had been waiting all day to play Taboo. Years ago we realized that we dominate at board games because we are telepathic and we constantly laugh at eachother, so it's double the awesome. Example: This summer while playing Taboo, I gave the clue "Swiss Family Robinson" my mom said Ostrich. She was right. Really??? Who would say that, of all the things to say. This time was no different, there were many debacles that made for tons of hilarity: 1) Bruce thinking Taboo was pretty much charades, acting out every clue, he was wrong. We let him go with it because it was hilarious. Bruce was on my team and at one point, all I said was, "I don't want to point to that". Bruce said belly button. I have no idea where that came from, but he was right. 3) My nephew Jonas (2years) was bawling before we started playing. We were all asking him what was wrong and he blubbered out "TABOO". I guess someone told him he couldn't play and that made him real upset. Apparently everyone wants to get in on the action. 4)After realizing that the word he was supposed to describe was Sigmund Freud, not Siegfried and Roy, and saying clues like, "rhymes with shmaken" for bacon, Eric quickly became a Taboo favorite.

Friday, many turkey comas later, we went skiing and skating on the lake and ate more turkey, of course. I was house/kid sitting this weekend as well, so I brought the kids to the lake on Saturday, where it proceeded to snow about a foot. I am pretty sure they each went through 2 pairs of snow pants and about 3 pairs of gloves because is was so wet outside. Needless to say, I was exhausted after being a nanny for 2 days. I had a great time with those kids, and I love my nephew and nieces, but I am pretty sure it will be a disaster if I ever have kids, let that be known.

My family is so fantastic. We have the capability of laughing at each other all the time. We get really loud and really annoying I am sure, but you cannot stop us when we start laughing. We definitely know how to have a good time. My dad just sits there and rolls his eyes half the time. He is surrounded by cackling women alot, I am sure that gets old. We are all really close, but of course we get real annoyed with eachother sometimes, that's what families are for right? Thanksgiving is such a awesome family holiday!! I hope you all had a wicked good time with your loved ones this weekend!! I love Thanksgiving!!