Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everyone has their thing...

I have been really stressed out lately with several things that are going on in my life and I tend to take other people's stress on as well and that just makes it out of control. I need to realize that I can't be everything to everyone all the time. I am only one person and it is okay to say no every once and awhile. I have been talking to alot of co-workers/friends at work lately and everyone seems to be going through something right now. Whether big or small, everyone has there thing that turns their world upside down, even if only for a minute. I have quickly realized that the more I complain the more I am taking away from actually dealing with what is going on in my life to cause the stress and realize that I am not alone, everyone is going through something as well and might be feeling the same way I do. Life is a crazy roller coaster of emotions and everyone has their thing...all I can do is deal with my thing the best way I know how and ask for help when I need it. Ugh, I think all of this comes from me working too much. I need to get a grip!

Dear Car...Can't you learn how to clean yourself?

My lovely Subaru, that I really need to take better care of...

Ok, there are a few things I really drag my feet doing and one of the big ones is cleaning my car. This may come as a shock to you, but I have not washed my car since I moved to NY, and when I say wash, I mean drive it through a car wash (which is one of my biggest fears) or even throw a splash of water on it... Is this laziness? Probably...get over it. The inside of my car is a whole different story. The only way to describe it is a shit show. I basically have enough outfits (including shoes and jackets) to last me for a week or any emergency, a tent (you know, just in case I need to set it up in the middle of Central Park for some reason), one random flip flop, one random mitten, a couple blankets, numerous cds, and don't forget my shopping bags that I refuse to take into my apartment after I go shopping. This has got to stop. Basically my only motivation for cleaning out my car is when I go visit someone and need to haul stuff (Lis, Gram and Gramp, etc.) News Flash: when you car is dirty, no one can ride with you and frankly, it's disgusting. Granted, I really don't have any passengers with me, ever, except 1, but that is still no excuse. I mean, the dust on my dash has been accumulating since 1983, get real! My goal this weekend? Clean my car. That is it, I have to put my foot down sometime and that time is now! Happy cleaning to me!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Ok, so there are a few things in life that I am OBSESSED with. Let's get real, I am obsessed with everything! But, there are a few things more than others. For instance: Victoria Beckham, Just Timberlake, Sassy, Hugh Jackman, NYC, and Chelsea Handler. Well, one of my dreams came true a couple months ago and here is the story...

Chelsea Handler is a genius. I am sure many of you think she is crude, ridiculous and just straight vulgar. Yes, yes, and yes. This is why I LOVE her. She is the definition of the phrase she coined, a "HOT MESS", which coincidentally is one of my favorite phrases and now my 2 year old niece is apparently calling my sister a hot mess. I an am awesome aunt, what can I say... Anywayyyy, Chelsea has 3 books out and they are all EPIC! Her latest book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is freaking amazing and hilarious just like her other two, but with this one she decided to do a stand-up tour in support of her book. Well, thank the Lord I live near NYC and can see amazing things like this that come into town. I took Becca with me for her birthday. Hilarious enough, our seats were on the third floor of Radio City Music Hall (which rules my world by the way). So, we walk in the lobby and see the massive stair case that seems to be never ending and Becca looks at me (8 months preggers) and says "Hannah, you have got to be F-ing kidding" "Fair enough" I said and we caught the next elevator. We parked our asses and proceeded to laugh for the next hour and a half straight! She is straight genius! Comedian Josh Wolf opened for her and blew my mind with his hilarity. I knew he was funny because he is always on her round table on Chelsea Lately, (and hot...) but, wow, the night surpassed anything I could have hoped for, and Becca and I got to have one last ladies night before the alien popped out! Oh Chelsea...I adore you!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder??

Heyo!!! I have been informed by multiple people that I need to get a grip and update my blog. Well friends, I agree with you. I have missed it!!! I don't even know where to begin, but I will try and do a major wrap up and throw in some random pics to give you a lil taste of my life in NYC since I last posted, which was apparently in January...whoa.

Well, first of all let me just say, again, how much I am IN LOVE with New York City!! I still cannot believe that I live here and the happiest I have ever been. Best decision I ever made, without a doubt. The town I live in, Nyack, is the most spectacular place to be in the summer (besides sunny days in Alaska). It is a bikers paradise and so freaking adorable! My weekend ritual, eating a breakfast burrito on the outdoor sidewalk seating at Harry's Burritos and maybe a lil walk two blocks down to the Hudson River. Nyack, you are the most precious town to ever exist and I am completely in love with you!! Best of both worlds, 20 minutes from NYC, but still able to hike and enjoy the outdoors. Oh, and it has been called "Mini Hollywood" seeing as how a bagillion celebs live in town or in the surrounding towns, which is fun as I am obsessed with celebs. I could obviously go on and on about it Nyack, but I will spare you, for now...

Well, I FINALLY have a legal job. I am working as a paralegal (my career for the past 10 years --wait, 10 YEARS??? crazytown!) for an amazingly awesome lawfirm about 15 minutes away from my house, which rules my world. I am sooooo glad to be back doing what I love! I really have to give a shout out to Mr. Cook who gave me the freedom and knowledge to be the paralegal I am today, he is amazing and I am eternally grateful to him!!! I am still also working at Nordstrom 2 days a week. I work 6 days a week, only having Sundays off. Needless to say, I am constantly exhausted, yet invigorated. I thrive on no sleep and stress, I am a weirdo.

Visitors!!!! Well, my spectacular friend Kim came to visit in February from Portland (she also went to Italy with me last year) and we had a great time, minus the 2 foot snow storm that I was NOT expecting. Dear New York, since when do you have Alaska style snow storms?!?! Oh well, the good thing is the snow only sticks around for like a week. I'll take it! It was so great seeing Kim!! For Easter Becca, Amal and I went to Connecticut to be with another amazing AK friend, Christine and her family. Her old roomie is now living in Brooklyn and was there too. Basically it was "My Big Fat Greek Pascha" and was EPIC! One of my besties, Barb (childhood friend from Alaska) came to visit Becca, Amal and I from North Carolina for Memorial Day Weekend. We played tourists for the weekend and it was AWESOME!! Staten Island Ferry, Times Square, Central Park, the MET, Ethiopian Food, pizza, bagels, street fairs, yada yada. It was such a fantastic weekend and great to have the old Alaska gang back together! I think we all seriously needed a weekend to remind us of home and how much we all love/miss eachother!

Backing up a little bit, a little over a year ago, I met some amazing brothers in Anchorage. Our Crew was at Humpys and spotted them with luggage and next thing you know, they are partying with us and stay the night. Well, they were stuck in Anchorage because of the volcano and we were more than happy to have them along. Well, I stayed in touch with them (Ben and Dan) and met up with Ben in April for the most EPIC bus crawl of all time. NYC hop-on hop-off tour bus pub crawling our hearts out. Soooooooo fun!! Ben is spectacular and I hope we can hang out (and with Dan too!!) much much more since I am living here now!! Oh, and we saw Jason Schwartzman in SoHo, where I proceeded to almost pee my pants!

Well, that is the highlights, but I will do mini posts too. I promise, I will do much better in keeping up on here!!! I really did miss it. Writing this right now, I just want to keep writing until my fingers fall off!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Because...

Just some of my well known faves, looking amazing, over the past month. Let's be honest, Hugh is obviously blowing that kiss to me, and hello Mr. Tan!! ... Vicky B., you are WAY too fierce to handle!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Apparently, I LOVE parades...

The madness at the Yankee Parade

Lis and Nate all decked out in their Yankee gear!

Amal, walking as as Vet in the Vet's Day Parade

The Ground Zero Flag

Macys Parade!!

Jimmy Fallon talking to ?uestlove!

Amy, Becca and I, and Hello Kitty, of course.

My fave float! The Big Apple!!


End of the Macy's Parade, with all of the other balloons in the distance.

Since I have been living in NY for the last four months, I have gone to three major parades in NYC. Seriously? Not to mention Nyack (the town I live in aka the cutest town on the planet) has a parade about every 2 weeks, awesome.

The first was the Yankee Parade in November. Just in case you have been living under a rock, the Yankees won the World Series. Lis, Nate and I went to the parade about an hour before it started, assuming we could get a good spot and see all the hot Yankees. Not so easy. We were basically walking through the streets of NYC along with a million other Yankees fans, just following the chanting crowds. It was quite an amazing experienced. I have never seen so many people soooooo jazzed about anything! Except for me being jazzed about Hugh, Vicky B., and Sassy...just saying. We did not get to see any Yankees up close, but it was a shitshow of awesomeness. Also very random, we ran into Amy amongst 1 million people. Welcome to New York my friends, welcome to New York.

Next was the amazing, emotional Veteran's Day Parade. I took the day off work to go see Amal walk in the parade as a Vet. It was spectacular! Tony Curtis was the Grand Marshall and there were Mounties!! I love Canada!!! (Not as much as USA, obvs). It was soooo amazing seeing all the Vets watching and stopping other Vets in the street to shake their hand and chat. It was very emotional and really gave me great sense of Patriotism! I am so proud of my Dad, Amal, Nate and all of the other Vet's out there doing what they do. Thank you, and I love you!

Last, but certainly not least, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Yeah, I just said that. Amy, Becca and I were there there, in person, super close, having a spas attack!! It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. It was so surreal being there when we always watch it on tv. The balloons were amazing and all of the celebs made me go crazy! I love celebrities!! So, you can only imagine how amped I was to see so many! Carly Simon, Cindy Lauper, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon, Ziggy Marley, EJ and Hope from Days of Our Live (hahahaha), Miss America, Andrea Bocelli, and about 20 others, that I cannot remember at the moment. It was amazing! Believe it or not, it was easier to walk around and find a spot at this parade than the crazy, insane Yankee Parade.

I guess I should now consider myself a Parade connoisseur... Enjoy the Pics!!