Friday, August 16, 2013

I lost you... I found you..

Lately I have remembered why I loved blogging so much. Because, this is me talkng to you (or anyone who will listen. Anyone??) about stupid crap (celebtrity nonsense/awesomeness) and other important things to me. This is my outlet, this is fun for me and over the last year I forgot about what this meant to me. So, I know I say this often, I am BACK! I want to write about things that I would love to read about!

So, today I am sitting on a bus to DC to visit my friend, Amy, and catching up on things. First of all 1.) Buses have outlets AND wifi?!? Crazytown and spectacular! 2)Why have I not taken the bus sooner? I mean $25 from NYC to DC? Is that a joke? I will def. be doing this in the future. Big money saver and hey, I'm writing on my blog and catching up on teambeachbody coaching stuff, so I am being productive:) 3) I am a nerd and have to wear my motion sickness wrist bands on the bus. Yep, you heard right. Those ugly, huge wrist bands. Even if it is a psychological thing for me to not feel sick, I don't care, it makes me not throw up, so thanks wrist bands!

Oh, and I have been dominating my workouts and loving my life, like BIG TIME! Until next time. Here's a YAHTZEE for the road:)