Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lularoe Vortex... My dreams realized.

Yep, I got I sucked into the Lularoe clothing vortex. I mean, their leggings are magical and I love their dresses. Basically my dream clothing company. Wild, colorful prints in skirts, dresses, leggings and shirts? YES PLEASE!! You guys, they have Sassy leggings, as in BIGFOOT leggings, and I have them. That's right, I have leggings with Sassy peaking around from behind tress all over them and I love them. Don't you dare judge me.

Yes, I have had a few sizing issues with different fabrics fitting differently, but you've got to learn to ask questions and after you have (far too many) new clothes, you start to know what fits you better than others. Also, this company is awesome for the fact that is really has a super wide range of sizes to fit pretty much every woman's body. So many women feeling confident in their clothes and inspired by other woman and not caring what other people think. Although, my motto is always cover the booty when wearing leggings, no matter how cute they are. That's my own thing for me, but you're going to do what you want.

Comfortable, adorable, limited prints, pretty reasonable prices for what you are getting. I've only had to return ONE item in the probably near 60 pieces of LLR I own and that is because the color was horrendous. My closet is turning into a LLR showroom. It's kind of ridiculous, but I also love it.

All this to say... I need to stop shopping. Maybe I need to get out of the million LLR groups I'm in on Facebook... that's a start. But really, does someone want to do an intervention??